The Chemistry Inside Innovation

Voices of Celanese Technology

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When my daughters ask what an engineer really is, I tell them, “Superman.” While every dad might give their kids this answer, in their eyes, there really is something almost supernatural about the work that I do. When I am sitting in our family minivan, I can point to the door handle and tell my kids that their dad helped build this product and that I know exactly what goes in that door handle, and what it’s made of. For kids, this explanation is like magic.

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Chemical bonding remains one of the most common methods for binding together the natural and synthetic fibers that make up nonwoven substrates.  Indeed, many disposable and durable end uses (e.g., wipes, diapers, automotive, filtration) comprise nonwovens that are chemically bonded with emulsion polymers and only the most proactive partners in the supply chain are continually searching for ways to stay ahead of their competitors in today’s aggressive marketplace.

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